Add Stellar token support to your fintech app

Rehive makes it easy to issue, distribute and manage custom Stellar tokens for your fintech app or business.


Custodial mobile and web wallet for making on chain and off chain payments.


Easily distribute tokens to your community for completing actions that are important to your business.


End to end solution for launching a crowdfunding campaign or token sale.


Issue and manage financial assets, whether currencies, securities or vouchers.


User friendly interface to buy and sell tokens directly on the Stellar decentralized exchange.


Digitize currencies, securities, bonds, deposits and more with Rehive.


Securely manage and distribute tokens to end users, either to a custodian wallet or directly to their private wallet.


Launch your own branded fintech applications on the Stellar blockchain.


  • Hot wallet management

    Manage operational float for making on chain transactions.

  • Warm wallet management

    Track all user deposits associated with a master public key.

  • Cold storage

    Track all transactions associated with a cold storage address.

  • Address generation

    Dynamically generate cryptocurrency addresses linked to user accounts on Rehive.

  • Address monitoring

    Monitor network for incoming transactions to credit users’ balances.

  • Dynamic fee management

    Calculate optimal network fee for on-chain transactions to ensure timely confirmation.

  • On chain transactions

    Sign and broadcast transactions to the network for processing on chain transactions.

  • Federation protocol

    Configure a preferred federation server for users to set a memo and create human readable addresses.