Easily add your own Stellar tokens or stablecoins to Rehive-powered apps. Read more on our help center and stablecoin use case.

Warm Storage Management

Enable users to directly deposit Stellar assets into their Rehive account balance. Each user receives a unique deposit memo, and the system supports Federation server and address functionality.

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    Hot Wallet Management

    Deploy our multi-signature Hot Wallet service to securely facilitate users sending Stellar assets on-chain. Effectively manage fees and float directly through our dashboard.

      Custom Token Support

      Effortlessly generate and oversee a multitude of personalized Stellar assets, granting users the ability to issue, send, and receive these assets seamlessly.

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        Anchor Platform Support

        Configure the Anchor Platform to make use of our out of the box SEP-24 interactive integration. Allowing users to buy and sell any configured stablecoins or tokens.

          How to get started

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          Step 1:

          Login or create a Rehive project.

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          Step 2:

          Activate the Stellar Testnet Extension.

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          Step 3:

          Generate a Stellar wallet and add it as the Warm Storage.

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          Step 4:

          Fund the Hot wallet and send and receive Stellar assets as a user within the Rehive App.

          Key features and resources:

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          Use the Stellar Extension in the following ways:

            Allow your end users to send and receive Stellar lumens as well as any Stellar token.

            Configure and issue your own custom token.

            Setup a multi-signature Hot Wallet for securely handled user withdrawals.

            Automated address monitoring for ease of use.

            Handle SEP-24 Anchor deposits and withdrawals.

            Enjoy support for both Testnet and Mainnet environments.

          Use the Rehive dashboard to

            Check your Hot Wallet balance and fees

            Top-up your Hot Wallet

            Setup trustlines for any Stellar asset

            Review your current Warm Storage balance

            View and assign user deposits

            Monitor Cold Storage addresses