Configure powerful reward campaigns

Delight, retain, and incentivize customers with points and cashback rewards. Launch referral campaigns to boost your customer adoption.

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Increase user adoption through referral rewards

Referral rewards is a proven way to drive customer acquisition when launching a fintech product. Rehive makes it easy to set up reward campaigns to target and limit your user acquisition cost.

    Incentivize users to complete onboarding

    Customer retention increases when users go through the effort to verify their account. Rehive makes it easy to incentivize users through reward campaigns to complete the onboarding steps in one go.

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      Reward users for making purchases

      Once a customer is onboarded and verified, the first point of action is to guide them through a transaction flow to experience the product, learn how it works, and realize the value.

        Reward customer loyalty

        Utilize rewards to give back to loyal customers. Set up reward campaigns over extended periods of time to reward routine activity in the app.

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          Type of rewards

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          Referral rewards

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          Cash back rewards

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          Points store

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          Check-in rewards

          Key features

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          Create flexible reward campaigns for your fintech app

            Create and manage your own daily, weekly, or monthly campaigns.

            Configure rewards for any event trigger in the Rehive system.

            Set start and end dates.

            Set a total campaign budget and restrict maximum rewards per user.

            Configure reward parameters such as source account, amounts, limits, currency, type, etc.

            Create referral based rewards campaigns.

            API and documentation for customizable use.

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