Custom branded payment apps

Customizable white-label wallets and payment solutions for fintechs, marketplaces, and small businesses. Works with any kind of asset whether fiat, cryptocurrency, tokens, loyalty points, or more.

Payment solutions for businesses

Scan to pay

Scan a QR code to pay a friend or a merchant.

Online payment

Checkout online with a custom-branded payments app.

In app purchases

Buy physical and virtual products from the app.

Merchant Reporting

Insight into spending and sales.

Create a fully white-label web, iOS and Android Application

Who is Rehive for?


Are you looking to create the next Venmo or Paypal in your market?


Improve the payment experience and offer financial products to your members.


Reduce cost, retain customers, increase revenue and improve convenience for customers.

Designed for developers

Check out our documentation and open source projects


Access to source code for frontend applications in React and React Native.

Get access to a dedicated resources to build custom features and integrations.

Highly reliable, scalable and robust infrastructure.