Launch your own branded fintech or neobanking app in days

Rehive is a white-label fintech app builder. It’s the easiest way to launch a new fintech app or to add financial services to your existing marketplace, platform, or ecosystem.

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Give your
these features

Select from a range of ready-to-use features and launch your unique brand swiftly on the App Store, Play Store, and your website domain – all within just a few days!

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Bulk payouts

Easily upload a CSV file to process bulk payments to your users.

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Send and request

Request or pay friends via email or mobile, share payment links.

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Buy and sell

Convert, buy or sell fiat, cryptocurrencies, or stock.

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Pay and spend

Create invoices, scan to pay, in-app purchases, and online payments.

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Points and rewards

Earn points and spend them on rewards.

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Benefits to your marketplace or ecosystem

Easily create an app like PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App without code. Your branding, your customers, your way!

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Save on payout transaction fees

Cut out the middleman and pay out directly to your own branded wallet.

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Open new revenue channels

Expand into financial services for your marketplace and make more money.

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Get better customer insights

Understand your customer needs better by getting direct insights into their spending.

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Delight your customers

Create a more coherent experience and increase customer retention.

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For developers, by developers

Easily build your own custom features and integrations on our APIs.

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Develop custom features or integrations for your app
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Build an extension and make money

Get started in seconds

Get started in seconds. Follow these steps to create an API key.

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It is expensive and time-consuming to build your own fintech app

Rehive slots on top of any BaaS provider with our white-label iOS, Android, and web app. Rehive helps you unlock a range of fintech use cases to cherry-pick from without building anything from scratch.


Your customer, your branding

Catapult and delight your customers with niche banking and financial services.

Fintech application builder

Customizable iOS, Android and web applications.

Rehive Platform

Pre-integrated transaction and user management system on top of your favorite financial infrastructure providers.

Value-added services

Select from pre-integrated value-added services or build your own.

Third-party financial infrastructure

Flexible to support multiple on/off ramps, compliance, custody, forex and card providers.

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Avoid BaaS lock-in

Rehive is an abstraction layer on top of BaaS providers. The system is designed to give you more control over your data and enhance the end-user applications. This allows you to switch BaaS providers or negotiate better fees.

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Leverage multiple providers

Activate or integrate best-fit providers to meet your finance product needs across banking, lending, saving, brokerage, cards, compliance, etc.

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Launch in days

No need to integrate with BaaS providers and build your own middleware, management portal, and applications. Go live in a matter of days with pre-integrated partners.

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Scale across borders

Rehive makes it easy to integrate multiple BaaS providers in various regions. You can scale across borders while managing everything from a single portal.

Your customers, your way!

High-quality apps your users will love

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Custom branding

Style the app to match your brand’s look and feel.

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Multi-language support

Engage global audiences in their native language.


Flexible configurations

Customize currencies, accounts, groups, permissions, subtypes, fees, limits, and more.


Extensions marketplace

Choose from powerful extensions or build your own add-ons.

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Future proof security and scalable infrastructure

Rehive grows with you as you scale

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Global availability at scale

Rehive has an internal goal to keep the monthly uptime percentage above 99.95%.

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Anomaly and bot defense

Advanced bot management and DDOS protection powered by Cloudflare Enterprise.

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Multi-factor and local authentication

Helping users secure their accounts with various authentication methods.

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Following leading standards and best practices

Launch an app in four easy steps

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number 1

Create a project and configure your app

number 2

Set up integrations or do custom development

number 3

Complete training

number 4

Launch and start transacting

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Launch your fintech app today

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