Rehive is a leading digital wallet provider

Your brand, your customers, your way.

Save on upfront development time and cost.

Open, flexible and customizable.

Forget about managing complex infrastructure or reinventing the wheel when building a ledger system. Rehive allows you to focus on your customers’ needs, while Rehive handles everything else.

  • Highly customizable white-label wallet solutions.

  • Manage tiers, limits, fees without the need to code.

  • Support fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, securities or points.

  • Advanced management tools to verify users and do accounting.

  • Specialized extensions including rewards, mass send, conversions and more.

  • Software license for front-end code base.

  • Production scale readiness.

Designed for developers

Check out our documentation and open source projects.

Flexible platform and toolkit for building fintech apps


Fully featured white-label wallet applications for sending, receiving, spending and storing cryptocurrencies..

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Powerful value-adding extensions to enhance management and end-user applications.

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Rehive is a complete cloud based transactional backend and user management system.

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Applications on Stellar

Rehive is fully integrated with Stellar for securely managing financial assets, both on-chain and off-chain. Easily detect deposits, broadcast transactions and store digital assets for custodial user accounts.

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Featured Solutions

Points Wallet

Easily distribute points to customers or members that can spend and track payments from your branded app.

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Rewards Wallet

Incentivize customers through creative reward schemes to increase revenue, change customer behavior and increase retention.

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Bitcoin Wallet

Tap into a loyal customer base behind bitcoin and catch the wave of next-generation payment technologies.

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Stellar Anchor

A fully-featured anchor solution on the Stellar network for issuing, distributing and managing fiat currencies.

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Informal retail network in South Africa that covers over 140,000 small stores.

Digital goods and services platform and wallet in Uganda.

Peer-to-peer and merchant payments app in South Africa.

Nevada trust company that provides low-cost, self-directed IRA and 401k investing.