For Fintechs

Building the next Paypal, Venmo, Revolut, or Coinbase? Rehive is a great starting point to save time and cost to not building everything from scratch. The White-label Software License gives your direct codebase access to customize the app in-house, while we take care of the backend ledger and user management system.


How can Rehive help?

The best way to go to market is to start with our off-the-shelve multi-currency payments app. The app features are essentially a combination of Revolut, Coinbase, and Cash App which caters to both individuals and business accounts.

It is required that you partner with a licensed custodial provider in your targeted region. Refer to our Help Center to read about supported cash-in/cash-out, KYC, and custodial providers. If we don’t support your region, you can still use Rehive by creating your own custom integrations.

If you need many custom features, it is recommended to start on the Premium package where you can get access to the frontend source code. Here you can make customizations to fit your business needs. If you do not have your own team, you can subscribe to a Solution Pod that can help you build custom features and/or accelerate any features on the Rehive roadmap.



Customer onboarding
Portfolio management
Exchange currencies
Send and receive
Payment requests
Scan to pay
Online checkout
Merchant features
Merchant product and rewards management
Merchant reporting
Merchant documentation