Pay as you go

All percentage fees are waived for transactions that do not directly reflect a monetary value, for example loyalty points, in-game points, account aggregation for accounting purposes, etc. In most cases if your product directly reflects a monetary value in either fiat or cryptocurrency, normal platform fees apply. Rehive offers volume discounts for enterprise clients. Contact our enterprise team to learn more.

0.25% + $0.0025
per transaction
  • Includes all Rehive Platform features
  • No upfront setup cost
  • No hidden fees
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Rehive Services are billed separately
  • Ticket based support

Startup deal

Startups and small teams qualify for Rehive's free tier. If your company or organization is larger than 10 employees, please refer to our enterprise options. Contact our enterprise team if you're interested in dedicated support, account management, volume discounts and/or training. Once you've reached the startup threshold normal platform fees apply.

Start for free
for startups only
  • less than 10 team members
  • 100 000 transactions/month
  • 1 000 total users
  • 10 000 total accounts
  • Includes all Rehive Platform features
  • Rehive Services are billed separately
  • Ticket based support


Rehive Platform is a great tool for rapidly prototyping fintech applications. Our enterprise license is designed for companies that are ready to launch production scale products. Talk to us if you’re interested in a quote.

Great for rapid prototyping to test new ideas and build functional demos.
  • 10 000 transactions/month
  • 1 000 total accounts
  • 100 total users
  • 3 seats $200/month per extra seat
  • Once-off training
  • Direct channel support
Perfect for beta testing new products with live users.
  • 1 beta project
  • 100 000 transactions/month
  • 10 000 total accounts
  • 1 000 total users
  • Monthly training sessions
  • Direct channel support
Companies who are ready to move fast and launch production scale products.
  • Dedicated support
  • Dedicated training
  • Account management
  • Solutions engineering
  • Custom pricing