Pricing plans

Select yearly billing for discounted rates. Our Starter and Standard plans come with a 14-day free trial.


What's included

  • 1 live project

  • 1 test project

  • 2 staff accounts

  • Custom Web App domain hosting

  • White-label Web App codebase access*

  • White-label IOS App codebase access*

  • White-label Android App codebase access*

  • Ticket-based support

  • Onboarding and training session

  • Account Manager

  • Priority support

*Codebase access is provided under the Rehive White-label Software License

Usage fees

An Active User is defined as a user that makes at least one transaction per calendar month.

Active User feeTransaction fee
User, Auth and Ledger$ 0.25$ 0.001
Web$ 0.05n/a
iOS$ 0.05n/a
Android$ 0.05n/a
Merchant Docs$ 0.05n/a
Notifications$ 0.00n/a
Conversions$ 0.05n/a
Products$ 0.05n/a
Rewards$ 0.05n/a
Mass Send$ 0.05n/a
Stellar$ 0.12n/a
Payment Requests$ 0.10n/a

+ active user fees