Point of sale

Conveniently accept payments in-store or in-person, anywhere in the physical world. Rehive’s scan-to-pay payment flow is an easy, fast, and proven way to accept point-of-sale payments while cutting out card processing fees. Sync online and physical payments in a unified merchant dashboard.

Scan to pay for:

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Instead of switching between preparing food and processing payments, staff can leave the payment up to the customer and simply verify the payment confirmation.


    Print out QR codes to accept digital payments instead of cash.


      Easy way to collect donations straight from a pamphlet.


        Scan to pay is a fast and convenient way to process payments when there are long queues and limited card processing devices.

          Field sales

          It’s expensive to equip all field sales representatives with card terminals. QR code-based payments are a great alternative.

            How it works

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            Step 1:

            Merchants can print a static QR code or generate a code on their app.

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            Step 2:

            Customers open their mobile phones to scan the QR code.

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            Step 3:

            Review and confirm the transaction details.

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            Step 4:

            Merchant waits for transaction confirmation and delivers the goods.

            How to get started

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            Step: 1

            Activate the Payment Request Extension and Business Extension.

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            Step: 2

            Register and verify business account.

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            Step: 3

            Click on the “Point of sale” mode in the merchant web or mobile application.

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            Step: 4

            Create your first point of sale payment.