Make it easy for merchants to sell products and vouchers directly to your users. It’s a convenient way for customers to buy goods within your ecosystem for delivery, in-store payment, or pick up.

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Open new revenue channels

Generate revenue by applying a merchant payment processing fee for in-app purchases.

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Attract more customers

Offer promotional products for sale to attract customers to join.

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Drive customer loyalty

Set up a points store for customers to buy limited perks.

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How it works

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Step 1:

Merchants can list products from the web application.

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Step 2:

Customers can discover products available for in-app purchase.

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Step 3:

Customers add products to the cart and proceed to checkout.

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Step 4:

Customers provide shipping information if required and complete purchase.

Key features and resources

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Business onboarding and seller application

    Built-in business onboarding and verification.

    Admins can review and verify business applications.

    Admins can activate/deactivate product listings.

Listing products and managing orders

    Merchants can list their products and define attributes, e.g. images, price, quantity, etc.

    Customizable product variants such as size, color, etc.

    Track and update order status per item.

Track payments, sales, and payouts

    Merchants can view a full record of payments and refunds for goods and services.

    View and analyze sales reports.

    Automate routine payouts to linked bank or crypto accounts.

For developers

How to get started

Leverage the API to bulk upload products, update stock, sync order statuses and more.

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Step: 1

Create a project on Rehive.

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Step: 2

Activate the Product Extension and Business Extension.

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Step: 3

Register and verify a business account.

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Step: 4

List products directly from the merchant web application.