Flexible and scalable transaction ledger to track balances in your system.

How it works

Rehive makes it easy to add transactions and balances for any currency format to your platform.

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Step 1:

Login or create a project on Rehive.

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Step 2:

Create accounts to represent internal or external accounts.

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Step 3:

Create a transaction via the API.

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Step 4:

Monitor as balances update in real-time.

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Account for the flow of funds

Keep a record of all transactions and never lose track of funds.

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Flexible multi-asset format

Any asset format is supported, whether fiat, cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, points, or stock.


Ensure data integrity with built-in immutability

All transactions reach an immutable state and can’t be deleted or updated once finalized.


Fintech-specific business logic

Easily configure business rules to set limits, fees, and controls for various transaction types.

Ledger feature

Reliable and scalable transaction engine

  • Detailed system logs for auditing purposes
  • Idempotent request to prevent duplicate transactions
  • Highly scalable hosted transaction infrastructure
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Segregate accounts and currencies

  • Easily create sub-accounts and link relevant currencies.
  • Create account-currency “recipes” to apply various currencies to accounts based on their assigned user group.
  • Link accounts to any external store of value, whether bank accounts, crypto accounts, prepaid cards, etc.

Configure transaction rules

  • Create and manage transaction subtypes as an identifier to apply business rules, trigger notifications, and customize transaction labels.
  • Set transaction limits per currency, account, group, tier, user or subtype. Limits can be a maximum or minimum per transaction, day, or month.
  • Create single or multiple fee triggers based on a specific transaction subtype.
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Monitor and extract transaction insights

  • Seamlessly search transactions via the API or dashboard.
  • Filter and export transactions using key parameters.
  • Build daily, weekly, and monthly aggregated metrics based on filter parameters.

Create flexible transaction flows

  • Create transactions to email addresses, mobile numbers, usernames, or account references.
  • Create or fail transaction collections to bundle related transactions like fees or conversions.
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Flexible transaction rules

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Enable and disable transaction subtypes on a user, tier, group, or global level.

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Limits can be configured on a group, tier, and user level. Set maximum or minimum limits per transaction, day, or month.

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Create fixed or percentage fees on any transaction subtype. Record all fees in a destination account to best match the fee.

Power innovative business cases

Building on the Ledger API offers a lot of flexibility for a range of applications in finance and commerce. We only charge $0.001 per transaction.

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Digital wallet

Transact and store user balances.

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Issue and track loan down payments.

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Track payments and payouts.

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Distribute and track cash back and points

Developer tools

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Trigger events on any transaction

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Filter using advanced parameters

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Export transactions to CSV or JSON files

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Keep an audit trail

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Build aggregated daily, weekly, monthly, or annual transaction totals

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Access control

Configure groups and permissions to view, create, and update transactions