Make it easy for your business customers to create hosted invoices and get paid faster. Or use the API to create your own custom invoice flows.

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Get paid faster

Online invoices are a convenient way to help your business users get paid faster.

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Multiple payment methods

Conveniently pay invoices with your account balance or cryptocurrencies.

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Custom branded

Invoices and receipts can be customized with business branding.

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Track payments

Keep track of payments and reporting from the merchant web app.

How it works

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Step 1:

Create invoice

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Step 2:

Send invoice

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Step 3:

Get paid

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Step 4:

Track payments

Key features and resources

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Generate an invoice

Businesses can add product and customer information to an invoice. Set a due date and send out the invoice to your customer. The recipient will receive a custom branded invoice link with all the details and various payment methods. Invoices include

    Invoice reference

    Item description, quantity, and unit price

    Invoice date

    Due date

    Linked customer profile

    Enable/disable reminders


Flexible payment methods support

Leverage existing closed-loop or cryptocurrency payment methods, or integrate your own payment provider.

    Scan to pay

    Log in to pay

    OTP payment

    Cryptocurrency payment

Manage invoices and payments

Easily track outstanding invoices, send reminders, refund payments, or view payment history.

    Filter invoices to review outstanding payments

    View invoice details, payment history, and receipts

    Easily navigate to customer profile

How to get started

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Step: 1

Activate the Payment Request Extension and Business Extension.

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Step: 2

Register and verify business account.

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Step: 3

Create and send an invoice.