White label wallet

Rehive makes it easy for any business or organisation to launch a digital wallet for any kind of use case. We support a powerful selection of extensions including rewards, checkout and support for custodial cryptocurrency wallets.

Powerful Extensions


Make it easy for users to transact and keep track of their balance on mobile or web.

  • Peer-to-peer and merchant payments

  • Secure authentication

  • Multi platform

  • Built in KYC on boarding


Craft powerful campaigns that enable you to reward users for completing actions that are important to your business or organization.

  • Manage rewards campaigns

  • Customize and control limits

  • Configure unique triggers


Offer special products and perks that users can purchase using the tokens they have earned.

  • List items of the marketplace

  • Manage product availability

  • Manage purchases


Send, receive and store custom Stellar tokens.

  • Set unique username

  • Make on chain transactions

  • Receive token deposits

Create a wallet for your business


Are you launching a new product and looking to incentivize early adopters and fans? Startups use Rehive’s digital wallet and rewards solution to create campaigns for user referrals, user feedback, bug bounties, social media posts and more.


Mobilize communities or followers by incentivizing participation through creating rewards and perks for completing or helping with key tasks.

Online stores

Easily create targeted campaigns and reward customers for completing actions that are important to your business.

Brands, shops and restaurants

Simple solution to launch your own branded digital gift cards and voucher app for making seamless mobile payments, creating reward campaigns for brand ambassadors and offering promotions.

Event payments

Looking for a simple way to do cashless payments at your local event without incurring credit card fees? Users can load their balance by making a wire transfer directly the organization and simply transact using their mobile phone.

Schools, universities and clubs

Offer an easy solution for organization members to make payments from a preloaded balance for bill splitting, events, in-store purchases and more.