Prepaid Wallet

Prepaid wallets are the new gift cards. Companies like Starbucks, Walmart and Dunkin Donuts are leading the way in offering branded wallets for customers.

Who needs a Prepaid Wallet?

  • Fintechs and banks

  • Shops and malls

  • Schools and universities

  • Online stores

  • Retailers

  • Clubs and hotels


Credit card top-up.

Multiple currencies.

Bank top-up.

Scan to pay from the app.

In-app purchases.

Point-of-sale payments.

Online checkout.

Why businesses need a Prepaid Wallet?

There are three key reasons for launching a custom branded prepaid wallet:

1. Reduce costs by avoiding credit card fees on every transaction.

2. Increase retention by making it easier for customers to reload funds to their wallet balance through an app.

3. Guaranteed revenue stream upfront.

How it works

Customers install the app and register.

Customers click on “Deposit” to load funds via credit card.

Scan to pay at point of sale.

In app purchases.

Online payments.