Points Wallet

Easily distribute points to customers or members who can spend and track payments from an app.

Who needs a Points Wallet?

If you are a school, club, shop, co-working space or Sunday market you might be interested in a Points Wallet to replace your legacy system. The solution is great for membership schemes, digital gaming and more.


Easily send bulk payouts.

Scan to pay from the app.

Mobile and web apps

Set up custom rewards.

Why businesses need a Points Wallet?

If you’re already using physical points, voucher cards or coupons for your cafeteria or happy hour, perhaps it is time to switch over to a digital points system. A digital wallet is a great way to conveniently and fairly distribute value to all of your customers or members.

  • Physical tokens are hard to distribute.

  • Payments are hard to track with physical tokens or coupons.

  • Tokens get copied.

  • Tokens aren’t smart and are not great for engagement.

  • Tokens get lost.

  • Tokens are old school.

Changing to a digital Points Wallet with Rehive will offer you and your customers more convenience, customer insights and tracking of payments.

How it works

Management sends points to everyone via email by uploading a CSV file.

Members install app, register, and claim points.

Members scan QR code to pay for goods.

Cashier verifies payment via SMS or customer’s device.