Bitcoin Wallet

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the pack perhaps it is a good time to launch your own branded custodial Bitcoin wallet.

As Bitcoin becomes more widely adopted it will be inevitable for your business to start learning how to manage cryptocurrencies. Whether you’re a fintech startup, bank or retailer - we can help.

Who needs a Bitcoin Wallet?

  • Fintechs and banks

  • Shops and malls

  • Schools and universities

  • Online stores

  • Retailers

  • Clubs and hotels


On-chain bitcoin transactions.

Scan to pay from the app.

Peer-to-peer payments via email or mobile number.

Address monitoring.

Dynamic fee calculation.

In-app purchases.

Why business need a Bitcoin Wallet?

The world is ever-changing. Bitcoin is built around fundamental principles that promote transparency and decentralization. Consumers are demanding more awareness and progressive views from businesses on the future of society.

Launching your own branded Bitcoin Wallet is a great way to stay relevant and be part of the journey to help the world upgrade to a better financial system.

Not only will this allow you to tap into a niche market segment, but the technology will also make it easier for businesses to compete with banks and open new revenue opportunities in finance.

How it works

Customers install the app and register.

Customers can send money to each other via email or mobile number.

Customers can withdraw bitcoin to a private wallet.

Bitcoin takes over the world.