Stellar Anchor Solution

Launch a custom branded anchor solution in your market without having to build any extra features. Start earning interest on deposits and charge withdrawal fees.

What is a Stellar Anchor?

Anchors act as the bridge between real-world value and on-chain digital assets on the Stellar Network. Any kind of assets can be tokenized, whether these are fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, commodities or property.

Anchored assets on the Stellar Network are sometimes referred to as collateralized, redeemable or tethered assets.

What is the opportunity of becoming a Stellar Anchor?

Rehive significantly reduces the cost to launch your own branded anchor in your local market. The main business opportunity is to earn interest on deposits and charge a fee on withdrawals. The longer-term opportunity is to build fintech products on top of a standard and global payment network.

The strategy of becoming an anchor is to build a strong brand and become a leading anchor in your local currency or niche store of value.

How do you become an Anchor?

  • Meet regulatory requirements to accept deposits and process withdrawals.

  • Establish a bank partnership to navigate regulations.

  • Take deposits and issue the corresponding token value as credit.

  • Accept tokens to process withdrawals.

  • Publish audit reports conducted by a reputable third party.

How can Rehive help?

Rehive makes it easy to get started with your own branded consumer/business anchor solution without having to code anything. We help your business issue tokens, verify users, monitor and process on-chain transactions, as well as process deposits, and withdrawals.


On-chain Stellar transactions.

Issue a token on Stellar.

Peer-to-peer payments via email or mobile number.

Dynamic fee calculations.

Address monitoring.

Webhook support.

How it works

Admin issues tokens.

User A gets verified.

User A deposits money and receives a token balance.

User A makes an on-chain transaction to User B.

User C creates an account on your wallet and deposits tokens.

User C requests a withdrawal.

Admin approves withdrawal and burns tokens.

User C receives real money in her bank account that is equivalent to the token face value.