We provide a range of services to help our customers launch, manage and scale their fintech products and businesses. Whether you need help with exploring creative business models, integrate with key partners, hosting your app, setup customer support or more.

Fintech Consulting

Rehive has worked with leading companies to explore, identify, scope, integrate and launch new fintech products and features.

In the process we’ve learned that we can help businesses to focus and go to market faster by performing short and agile product ideation sprints.

The objective is to identify and select the best fintech opportunities that are aligned with your business strategy.

Solution Engineering

Rehive’s team can help to design and scope the integration requirements for predefined product specifications.

Solutions Engineers are trained to follow best practices when doing configurations on Rehive Platform.

Our team can also help businesses migrate from existing infrastructure and scope unique integration and migration requirements.

Integration Engineering

We help enterprise subscribers to integrate with preferred payment processor, customer support or accounting software.

Custom Development

Work with one of Rehive’s certified developer partners to help you build anything from a demo to a production ready fintech application.


SLAs and 24/7 contractual commitments for ensuring reliable support to meet your needs.

Dedicated Training

Hands on training to get up to speed with Rehive’s latest features and management processes to streamline operations.

Customer Success

Enterprise subscribers get access to a Dedicated Customer Success resource. Customer Success invests time into understanding your business needs, recommend feature roll outs and configurations, advocates for Rehive feature development priorities and takes responsibility as a go-to-person if you face any issues.