Powerful transactions management system

At the heart of Rehive is a transaction ledger system that supports multiple accounts, currencies as well as more advanced fintech specific features such as configuring limits, fees, tiers and more.

Core features

  • Keep track of user accounts, balances and transactions.

  • Supports all financial assets, whether a currency, security or vouchers.

  • Make transactions to email addresses, mobile numbers and account references.

  • Attach metadata to any transaction.

  • Accounting aggregation.



Create, manage, review and verify users.


Manage users' currencies, accounts and transactions.


Customize fees, limits and tiers on user transactions.


Configure user groups and permissions.



Build using a predictable and well documented JSON REST API.


Configure events to trigger webhooks based on actions and conditions in the platform.


Make use of one of supported SDKs or use a community supported SDK instead.

How it works


Setup your transactional requirements based on your business case.


Integrate and develop the extra features for your app.


Go live and start making transactions.


Easily keep track of and manage users, transactions and more.

Forget about fintech infrastructure

Rehive covers most backend needs for almost any finacial use case, so you can focus on your product. Not only does it offer built-in business logic, but also provisioning, tuning, upgrading and scaling backend servers to meet your demand.

Backend design

Don’t waste time re-inventing the wheel - Rehive is already doing the heavy lifting..

Backend team

No need to hire an entire backend team to build your product.

Backend systems

Don't worry about system scaling, upgrades or downtime.