Join our team

Interested in helping to build the future of fintech? Do you regularly run into brick walls on your way to success? Are you passionate about digital currencies and blockchain? If so, you’ve found the right place.

What we’re looking for

We’re a team of builders — engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs — who love what we do. While there are many clichés like self starter, hardworking, innovative, creative thinker etc. what we find appealing is someone who is relentlessly resourceful in everything that they do. This ensures that we can provide team members with sufficient autonomy and creative license to make their mark on the Rehive brand.


  • Innovation

    At our core we strive to enable innovators. External developers and entrepreneurs alike can use our tools to develop creative fintech solutions. Internally we’ve created an exciting model whereby team members can develop projects that could potentially lead to launching spin off businesses.

  • Growth

    We go out of our way to make sure that our team is always challenged and can envision a path in their role where there is room to learn and grow.

  • Resourcefulness

    We expect everyone in our team to embrace the attitude of being relentlessly resourceful. If you get stuck, always make a plan, ask for help and just make it happen.

  • Eagerness

    We love candidates that show interest and are willing to learn more about Rehive on their own time and expense before joining the team. We typically ask candidates to do a developer challenge or submit a use case draft as part of the application process.

  • Ownership

    We expect team members to be involved in the whole life cycle of new features that they’ve been working on. For example, if you helped scoping a spec, it should be as much your responsibility to make sure it is well rounded as the person doing the implementation.

  • Community

    Rehive’s community is more important than us. The more people who join the mission and help build tools on Rehive, the better chances we have of fulfilling the vision.