End-to-end Wyre integration

Wyre integration provides out of the box custody, compliance and cash-in/out for fiat and cryptocurrencies.



Create compliant accounts that perform KYC checks on your customers.


Peace of mind knowing your end user funds are secure.


Accept localized payment methods for users to load balances.


Automated fiat and crypto exchange at competitive rates.


Process global payouts to over 130+ countries via your app.


Wyre secures excellent rates.

Why Rehive and Wyre are awesome?

No integration needed

Save time and money with an out of the box and robust integration with Wyre. Simply import your Wyre API keys and launch.

No worries about licensing

Wyre takes care of all the regulatory headaches. No need to apply for a money services license and waste precious time.

Make money from day one

Wyre and Rehive have packaged a set of features that can help you generate revenue from day one.


How does it work?

Create a Wyre account

Complete Wyre compliance

Create a Rehive account and configure branding

Import Wyre API keys

Publish apps

Go live