Build and launch your fintech app on Rehive

Rehive offers a range of licenses and support options to help make it easy for your business to get started.

Choose the support level that works for your business

Organizations use Rehive in creative ways to develop new fintech products or do custom integrations in their existing apps for keeping record of user balances and transactions. Whether you’re looking to create the next Venmo, Coinbase, Revolut or Uber you can start here right away.

Open platform

Rehive Platform is open and available for anyone to get started right away by building on the API. This option is ideal for teams that need move fast and with maximum flexibility.

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Hosted apps

This option is ideal for organizations looking for a hosted solution, or those who wish to avoid the overhead of maintaining their own app. End-users simply log in to Rehive directly.

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White label apps

Clients have the option to purchase end-to-end white label apps for selected products that can be hosted on their own websites and published to their own app store accounts.

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Custom Development

Work with one of Rehive’s certified developer partners to help you build anything from a demo to a production ready fintech application.

Solution Engingeering

Our team will help you migrate from your existing infrastructure to Rehive and or scope unique integration requirements for building a new product.

Dedicated Support

SLAs and 24/7 contractual commitments for ensuring reliable support to meet your needs.

Consulting and Solution Engineering

Rehive has worked with leading companies to explore, identify, scope, integrate and launch new fintech products and features. In the process we’ve learned we can help businesses to find focus and go to market faster by performing short and agile product sprints.

Ideation Sprint

This consulting format is to help teams identify and select the best fintech opportunities that are aligned with their business strategy.

Solution Design

Rehive’s team can help to design and scope the integration requirements for predefined product specifications.

Sponsor a hackathon

Hackathons are a great way to explore new ideas, boost a local developer community and find talented engineers, developers and designers. Rehive partners with selected enterprises and corporates to host pop up hackathons where we help with event preparation, on the day program and continuous community development. Sponsors provide the venue, catering and prizes on the day.

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Rehive is partnering with selected software vendors and consulting agencies in the fintech industry. We offer training and certification for qualified partners. Partners can choose between long term or short term profit sharing options.


Our customers rely on our recommendations for reputable developer agencies to handle custom development, integrations and continuous maintenance. Full due diligence is required in order to be certified and listed.